Standard Schedule Template - Change Management

Standard Schedule Template - Specification document

This Excel formatted document is needed in order to maintain a record of the detail of how the .mpt template customized fields and reports are allocated and used.

Custom Fields

  • Text – together with any List values
  • Numbers
  • Flags
  • Cost
  • Dates - Start, Finish
  • Duration
  • Outline Codes – together with any List values

Project Display

  • Views – combination of Table, Filter and or Groups
  • Tables – Combination of columns
  • Filters – Display criteria
  • Groups – Combination of Tables and Filters


  • Gantt Status reports
  • Resource Usage 


  • Store this document in a- PMO Central Repository
  • Institute a Change Management process for this document, this is essential for the success of the template and the understanding of the project managers / schedulers going forward.

Sample Summary Top Page

Excel Spread sheet (top sheet) - Template Customized Specification sheet