Standard ScheduleTemplate

Using a Standard Schedule Template

So once the Standard Schedule Template has been developed and deployed for use, what do I do with it? I suggest that you develop a “Getting Started Step-by-Step” for Standard Schedule Template for the project managers / schedulers. This should just be a “simple” check list of the basic steps that the project manager will need to go through to start using it for your own project schedule. The secret here is the well-known KISS theory or sometimes called “keep-it-simple s****d”. Assume that the project manager / scheduler already knows Microsoft® Project or has access to a coach or mentor.

Suggested Steps / check list

  1. Save Standard Schedule Template (.mpt) to new project schedule (.mpp).
  2. Update ALL Project (Properties) Information.
  3. Update Project Start Date.
  4. Verify Deadlines moved correctly.
  5. Validate and verify any Recurring Tasks
  6. Verify Base Calendar(s)
  7. Review and Update Task Names.
  8. Validate and Verify any Task Calendars.
  9. Review and Update Durations, Work.
  10. Turn off Duration Estimate indicator.
  11. Review and update dependencies.
  12. Review and update any Leads and Lags.
  13. Verify Milestone / Phase dates with Project Sponsors.
  14. Replace Generic Resource Names with Project Team member Names.
  15. Verify Key Resource Calendars.
  16. Review and address Over-allocation.
  17. Review overall project elapsed time line with Project Sponsors.
  18. Verify Budget against project Costs with Project Sponsors.
  19. Baseline Schedule.
  20. Distribute Schedule in-line with Communication Plan.