Task Tab> Properties Group>Information Command

Task Information dialog box - General Tab

Task Information dialog box - Predecessor Tab

Task Information dialog box - Resources Tab

Task Information dialog box - Advanced Tab

Option - Scheduling ignores resource calendar

The Ignore Resource Calendar field indicates if the scheduling of the task is to take into account the Calendar of each Resource assigned to the task. The default value = No (unchecked). This means that all Resource Calendars will be considered in scheduling the task in question. This option field becomes active (i.e. not grayed out) when a Task Calendar is present for the task. At this time the option can be checked (i.e. turned On = Yes) indicating that only the Task Calendar is to be considered when scheduling the task.

Ribbon Task Tab with Information command in Properties Group selected

Activating "ignore" Resource Calendar option

Gantt chart view of Task Calendar already added and active

After selecting the task with the Task Calendar select the Ribbon Task tab and then click the Information command in the Properties group.

The Task information dialog box is displayed with the General (default) tab selected. Click on the Advanced tab to display the Scheduling ignores resource calendars option. Click the option box to display the check
mark i.e. Yes.

Click the OK button or press the Entry key to apply the option.


Alternatively, to display the Task Information dialog box press the Shft + F2 buttons on the keyboard.

Task Information dialog box with Advances tab selected - Schedule ignore checked

Task Information dialog box - Notes Tab

Task Information dialog box - Custom Fields Tab