Insert Group - Recurring Tasks Command

Recurring Tasks discussion

Using Recurring tasks is a very effective way of dealing with tasks that are both repetitive and occur at specific times within the project schedule timeline e.g. Monthly Project Sponsor Steering committee meetings, Weekly Project review meetings, Daily Code Review calls, Weekly code uploads, Yearly stock holders meeting. The project manager / scheduler may need to account for these tasks both from an event notification handling and resource allocation standpoint. If the project manager / scheduler does not account for this time in this way, potential over-allocation condition may occur and team member’s efficiency may suffer. So get control of this early, using recurring tasks.

On a more philosophical note these tasks tend to be heavily weighted towards administrative type tasks. I would therefor suggest that the project manager / scheduler establish a “place holder” section at the bottom of the schedule to house all the Recurring tasks. In this way the noise associate with these type of tasks does not detract from the main body of the schedules tasks.

Ribbon Task Tab - Insert Recurring Tasks... command

Before starting the process of inserting the Recurring Task locate and position the cursor in the schedule.

Administration (place holder) Summary Task

Insert a new Summary task to accommodate the projects recurring tasks. Let’s call it “Administration”.

Recurring Task Information dialog box

Below this Summary task add a Recurring task. With the Ribbon Task tab selected click on the Task command within the Insert group. This will open up a menu, click on Recurring Task…

With the Recurring Task Information dialog box open add the details of recurring task.

Task Name = Project Steering Committee Duration: = 4h (hours). Recurrence pattern = Monthly (radio button=on)

First Tuesday of every month.

Range of recurrence = Microsoft Project will detect the schedules date range and establish a Start: and End by dates.

Adjust these as needed. In the Calendar for scheduling this task section pick from the available Calendar pick list as necessary.

Check off the Scheduling ignores resource calendars option. Click OK.

Applying Resources to Recurring Tasks process

Recurring Task added

The Recurring Task indicator appears in the indicator column alongside the new recurring task. The task appears as a Summary task, the detail tasks are collapsed.

Note that the Default start time: (8:00AM) can be seen by clicking the File tab, then the Options command, at the Project Options dialog box select the Schedule tab to display the Default start time: To change Start time will be discussed later.

Recurring Task Indicator

Click the plus (+) sign to the left of the Recurring Task name that you used. The detail task will now be displayed and will have a suffix (1,2,3…) to differentiate one occurrence from another.

Recurring Task expanded to show detailed task(s)