Clipboard Group - Format Painter Command

Format Painter Command

Format Painter - Best Practice

Use Format Painter on the Ribbon Task tab in the Clipboard group to apply text formatting and some basic graphics formatting, such as borders and fills. 

It’s important that the project manager / scheduler understands how Format Painter functions and works as it will save them lot of work and time.  Although we don’t see using Format Painter as a scheduling Best Practice in Microsoft® Project we will cover it for completeness and to enable project managers / schedulers to perform at an optimum level.

Applying Format Painter

Format Painter command - Select cell to be copied

Select the text or cell that has the formatting that you want to copy. Select the Ribbon Task tab and then click (only once) on the Format Painter command in the Clipboard group. The pointer changes to a paintbrush icon.

Paintbrush icon
Format Painter - Copied Format applied

With the paintbrush icon showing click on the schedule requiring the formatting to be applied to it. In this example Text = Red and Italic, cell color = yellow. Repeat this process of clicking on the Format Painter and clicking on the cell that requires reformatting until finished.


You can also drag the paintbrush pointer across a number of cells to get a multiple effect on the cells. Either release the pointer or press the Esc key to turn off Format Painter.