Clipboard Group - Cut Command

Clipboard Group> Cut Command

Deleting a Task line or Table Cell

To remove or delete an unwanted Task line click on the Task ID and press the Delete key. Alternatively, after selecting the required Task ID click on the Cut command in the Clipboard group.

Deleting Task Names (Cell) only

Example of Deleting Task Name field only

If you were to select the Task Name field only rather than the Task ID Microsoft® Project 2010 will display the Delete indicator in the Indicator column. If you hit the Enter key at this time only the Task Name will be deleted.

Deleting / Cut indicator
Example of Delete indicator showing the two choices

By clicking the Delete indicator will open a radio button pick list with two options:




1) Only clear the contents of Task Name Cell.

2) Delete the entire task (line item)


Task Name list with required Task deleted (removed)

The entire Task line has now been removed.

Shortcut menu - Cut Cell command

Alternatively only the cell may want to be Cut or removed. Microsoft(R) Project enables this through the use of the Shortcut menu feature. The Shortcut feature menu is activated by locating the cell to be cut by clicking on it and then pressing the right mouse button.

Shortcut menu - Cut Cell command

Select the required command, by clicking on it. In this case click the Cut Cell command. Microsoft(R) Project now clears the content of the selected cell.

Keyboard Shortcut Key commands - Cut Cell command

Remember for really quick use of Microsoft(R) Project commands consider learning and using the:

  • Cut Cell = Ctrl + X keyboard shortcut key command
  • Delete a Task line = Delete key (after selecting the Task ID first)


Knowing and using the Keyboard Shortcut Key technique will save time in the development and the on-going maintenance of the schedule!