Clipboard Group - Copy Command

Task Formatting – Copy a Task or Cell

Task Tab> Clipboard Group> Copy Command

Microsoft® Project utilizes existing Microsoft Office commands within the Ribbon Task tab and Clipboard / Font groups. This makes it easy for the project manager / scheduler who are familiar with the Microsoft Office suit to quickly come up to speed in using these commands within Microsoft® Project .

Single Copy

File = Formatting Task Copy Command

A simple single Task Name field can be copied easily by first selecting the Task Name field to be copied and then click on the Copy (Ctrl + C) command in the Clipboard group. Now click on the blank empty row Task Name field when the Task Name is to be copied to. Then click on the Paste (Ctrl + V) command in the Clipboard group.

Multi single task line Copy Command

Multiiple Copying - Showing use of Fill Handle

To perform a Multi Task Name copy – identify and position the cursor over the line to be copied.

Using the fill handle in the bottom right hand corner of the cursor position drag the fill handle down the Task Name column until the number of copied Task Names is achieved. Release the fill handle.

Multi non-contiguous task Copy

Multiple Copying - Non-adjacent tasks

Select and click the first Task Name needed. Press and hold down the Ctrl key and then select any others that are needed. Click Copy (Ctrl +C). Next select the Task Name field where copied data is required to be positioned. Click the Paste (Ctrl + V) command in the Clipboard group.

Copy Non-Contiguous Task and Associated Task data

So far we have only been copying over Task Name data. In most cases the project manager / scheduler will need to copy over both the Task Name and its associated information i.e. Start Date, Finish Date, Duration, Dependencies and Resource Names etc. Depending upon the table being used at the time. If this is the case Microsoft® Project is able to perform this as well.

Copy Non-Contiguous Task Information

In cases where the Task information is non-contiguous the project manager / scheduler clicks on the ID of the first row to be copied. Now press the Ctrl key and keep it pressed while the remaining Tasks are selected by clicking their Task ID.

When the selection is complete click on the Copy command in the Clipboard group.

Paste Non-Contiguous Task Information

With the Task Information now copied click on the position where the copied data is to be placed by clicking on that Task ID position. Now click on the Paste (Ctrl + V) command in the Clipboard group.

The Task Information is now pasted into the required area of the schedule.

Shortcut menu - Copy Cell Command

Alternatively only the cell may want to be copied. Microsoft(R) Project enables this through the use of the Shortcut menu feature. The Shortcut feature menu is activated by locating the cell to be copied by clicking on it and then pressing the right mouse button.

Gantt chart view showing Shortcut menu and Copy Cell command selected

Select the required command, by clicking on it. In this case click the Copy Cell command. Microsoft(R) Project now copies the selected cell.