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Display - Dialog box

File Tab>Options command>Display dialog box


Section / Options Default setting Where Used.............................
>Calendar Type Gregorian 2.I2 Enterprise Environment factors - Base Calendar
 Currency options for this project  Current open project See Cost Section 
 >Symbol  $ (dollar)  See Cost Section
 >Placement  $1 (in front)  See Cost Section
 >Decimal digits  2  See Cost Section
 >Currency  USD (Us Dollars)  See Cost Section
Show Indicators and options button for:    
>Resource assignments  Checked  4I1- Activity List - Resouces Display options??
>Edits to start and finish dates  Checked  2.I1 Scope Baseline?
 >Edits to work, units or duration  Checked  2.I1 Scope Baseline?
> Deletions in the Name column  Checked  5.I1 Activity List  - Duration - Advanced Display options
 Show these elements    
>Entry bar Checked 2.I1 Scope Baseline - Task Editing Opt