Tracking and Analyzing a Project

Set and maintain baselines.

* Baselining an entire project

* Baselining selected tasks

* Setting multiple baselines

* Updating a baseline (for example, rolling up to summary tasks)

* Resetting the baseline

Update actual progress.

* Percentage completion

* Actual or remaining duration

* Actual work

* Remaining work

* Status date

* Current date

* Rescheduling uncompleted work

* Actual start and actual finish

* Actual work and usage views

* Cancelling an unneeded task (for example, inactivating a task, setting an active flag or zeroing out Remaining work)

Compare progress against a baseline.

* Date variance

* Work variance

* Cost variance

* Showing variance of the current plan against baseline (tracking Gantt)

* Task slippage

* Selecting a view to display variance

Address schedule problems with Task Inspector (2010).

* Warnings and suggestions

* Task drivers

* Identifying resource overallocations

Display Critical Path information.

* Single or master projects

* Viewing total slack

* Displaying progress against deadlines