Managing Resources and Assignments

Enter and edit resource information.

* Max units

* Resource types

* Cost rate table

* Cost per use

* Availability

* Resource group

* Generic

Apply task types and scheduling calculations.

* Effort-driven tasks

* Formula (work = duration x units)

* Choosing a task type

Assign resources.

* Assigning multiple resources

* Assigning resources to task using units that represent part time work (vs. fulltime work)

Editing assignments.

* Task usage

* Resource usage

* Task forms

* Editing assignments by setting the appropriate task type

Manage resource allocation.

* Viewing availability across multiple projects

* Changing assignments

* Leveling

* Replacing resources (for example, resolving overallocation and replacing generics with specifics)

Manage resource allocations using Team Planner (2010).

* Displaying current resource allocations and assignments

* Managing unassigned tasks

* Resolving resource conflicts

* Leveling resource overallocations

* Substituting resources (moving task assignments from one resource to another)

Model project costs.

* Resource-based costs (work and materials)

* Cost per use

* Fixed costs

* Accrual method