Microsoft Project - Microsoft Certificate Technical Specialist (MCTS)


* If you're using Microsoft Project Standard 2010 or Professional 2010, Microsoft has developed a totally new exam to test your capabilities.

* When you pass this exam, you'll hold the credential, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist or the MCTS in Microsoft Project 2010, with a specialty in managing projects.

* If you're wondering how well you know Microsoft Project 2010, passing this test will validate your skills.

* Additionally, studies performed by experts in this area have concluded that those who achieve technical certification are more effective on the job.

* If you're seeking employment, you'll stand apart from other candidates who don't have proven mastery of a given application and the organization that hires you can expect to reduce its training expense accordingly.

Why Take the Exam?

* In our experience, exams are invaluable.  If you already perform various features and function in the product you're being tested on, you can gain your certification.

* But if you're not so proficient, but you know you have to learn the product, the exam is an efficient way to focus your training on the features and functions in the application that will probably be most important to your work.

* You then would have earned your Microsoft MCTS credential.

The Testing Process

* Prometric is the company that normally performs the testing.  The exam has 50 questions and takes 90-120 minutes.  The questions will be multiple choice.

* Regarding practice materials, for the test, you can tap the new books that are out covering the basics of working with Project 2010.

* In the future Microsoft partners will provide courseware, content, and webcasts to help you prepare.

* For now, your best strategy for exam preparation is to refer to the following list of features and functions, and make sure you understand them in Project Professional 2010 and Project Standard 2010.

What are you waiting for?

* Certification on technical products is an industry practice.  Preparing for an exam forces you to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and passing the test helps you prove what you know (which can be a major ego booster besides -- and who doesn't need those?!).

* Although Project 2010 is relatively new product, if you want to keep your skills sharp and your professional expertise fresh and up to date, tackling this exam from Microsoft is a great way to start.

What it will do for you?

* The new Microsoft certification exam for Project 2010, tests your knowledge of desktop the features and functions in Project Standard 2010 and Project Professional 2010.


* It will also confirm your abilities to manage a project schedule and communicate the project to individual team members, teams, and the enterprise or organization sponsors that you are responsible to.


* And test the experience you have in scheduling, communicating, collaborating on, and delivering projects using Project 2010.

The Project Exam

* The following is a list of the features and functions you should both know of and be familiar with before you sign-up for this exam.

* Initializing Microsoft Project 2010

* Creating a Task Based Schedule

* Managing Resources and Assignments

* Tracking and Analyzing a Project

* Reporting Project Schedule Information