The Dynamic Ribbon

Fluent User Interface (or the Ribbon) - Review

  • So what will all this change mean to you?
  • No more hunting and pecking through menus, sub menus and dialog boxes.
  • The ribbon has organized all the commands you use the most, in a way that makes them more easily accessible from Tabs at the top of the screen.
  • It’s also consistent with the Microsoft® Office suite of Applications. This consistency and familiarity with other Microsoft® client applications will aid you as you move across the suit.






Fluent User Interface (or Ribbon) - Review

Ribbon - Showing Quick Access toolbar and Groups

Dynamic Ribbon discussion

The new Dynamic ribbon is designed to make the command usage more easily for the user.

Types of Command buttons

The appearance of the Ribbon is dynamic depending upon the width that is made available to be displayed on the screen monitor. The commands may appear as large buttons, a small button, a small labeled button or
a list entry.

the different types of Commands

Reducing the Ribbon size

The effects of reducing the available width for the ribbon and buttons change.  The Groups are starting to change their appearance.

Further reduction in Ribbon size

Reduce the available width further and the buttons change again.