Microsoft Project 2010 Changes - Screen Navigation

Split or Detail view - command -v- drag and drop

For those who used the Menu to “split” the screen so that task details could be added the question that gets asked is “where did it go?” In true Microsoft® Project tradition there is more than one way to perform the requirement. The traditional way from the Ribbon Task tab, click on the Details command in the Properties group. Alternatively, (sometimes referred to as the “power users” method) drag and drop the split bar the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Split Bar
Gantt chart view with no Task Details displayed

By right clicking the Detail panel will show the shortcut menu of other Forms of detail Task data. To close the Details display either click the Details command in the Properties group or double click the top of the split bar.

Gantt chart view with Task Details displayed

View Bar - from the display

View Bar shown Minimized (turned off), Turn on View Bar, View Bar dispayed respectively


Select All button showing Status window

The Select all button is located in the left most corner of the Table headings over the Task ID’s.

By hovering the cursor over the Select All button will display a view window.

Quick Table change process

Table shortcut menu

Right click on the Select All button to display a shortcut menu to allow the changing of the Table.

Select All button

By clicking the Select All button will highlight (become dark) all the column table data that is currently being displayed. This is a useful method by which to move data for reporting purposes.

Gantt chart view after clicking the Select All button