Microsoft Project 2010 Changes - New Status Bar

Status Bar overview

At the bottom of the Microsoft® Project 2010 is the new Status Bar:

  • On the right side of the Status Bar includes convenient controls for quickly adjusting the zoom level of the timescale and switching views.
  • On the left hand side of the Status Bar there is status items that relate to what is currently being worked on.
New Status bar (Project 2010) and its components

Status Items - New Task Mode

Default Status Item view

Here is shown the default view with New Tasks: currently set to Auto Schedule.

Status Item - Changing New Task Mode

By clicking on the Status Item will display the shortcut menu for changing the Mode for New Tasks: Here Mode is being changed to Manually Scheduled.

Status Items - Active Filter

Status Item view when Filter is Applied

When a Filter has been applied to a view the Status Item will display Filter Applied.

Status Item displaying that Filter Applied with Filter Name

By hovering over Filter Applied status the name of the filter currently being used will be displayed.

Switch Views

Status Bar with Switch Views section

The right side of the Status Bar includes controls for quickly switching views.

Click on the respective button to switch views.

Zoom Slider

Status Bar with Zoom Slider

The Zoom bar allows specific focus of a time period or group of tasks, use the zoom slider in the status bar at the bottom right hand side of the display. By moving the slider to the right to zoom in and get smaller time increments. Or move the slider to the left to zoom out and get larger time increments.

As always with Microsoft® Project press CTRL + / (slash on the numeric keypad) to show smaller time units, and CTRL + * (asterisk on the numeric keypad) to show larger time units.