Microsoft Project 2010 Changes - Add New Column

Add New Column - Task table

In Microsoft® Project 2010 adding a new column has been greatly simplified. By simply clicking the Add New Column heading at the right hand end of the Entry table portion of the default view, and type in or select the name of a column. The Add New Column functionality allows for fast identification of the Field name that is needed.

Add New Column location in the the default Entry table

By clicking the down arrow to the right of the column heading will display a pick list of Task field names i.e. New Columns, that are available. Duplicate columns are permissible within the same table.

Add New Column - Complete list of Task fields available are displayed
Add New Column field showing stages of "quick" identification process

After adding a new column to the table Microsoft® Project 2010 continues to make additional columns available via the Add New Column process.

After Adding a new column - note that Add New Column is still available

Add New Column - Resource table

In exactly the same way as Task fields are available to Task Tables, Resource fields are available in Resource tables.

Add New Column in the Resource Sheet table