Getting Help - the Big Picture

By clicking on the Ribbon File Tab and then the Help tab will display help Support and Tools that are available.

File Tab showing Help page selected

It’s good to point out at this time that Microsoft® Project 2010 has a substantial amount of Help available to assist project and scheduling professionals in moving around within the application. 

Click on the Ribbon File tab and then click the Help tab.


In the Support section click on Microsoft Office Help.

Microsoft Office Help

Help Tab - with Microsoft Office Help displayed

From the Project Help – Support view a number of sections are available:

-Getting started with Microsoft Project Professional 2010 which deals new features of Microsoft® Project 2010.



-Browse Project Professional 2010 support and deals with the functionality of Microsoft® Project 2010.



Click on the respective line item required and follow the expanded selection until the information needed is found.

Getting started

Help - Getting started web page

After clicking on the Getting started option line the browser will be initiated and web site will be connected to. From the Getting started view a number of options are available from Microsoft Office icons on the left of the screen.




From the Getting started with Project 2010 view – click on the See what’s new> line this will again lead to other views with many options to choose from.


Contact Us

Help - Contact Us web page

Similarly, on clicking the Contact Us line will take you to an internet site support/ site. From this web page there are 3 options.


  • Email Us 
  • Chat Now 
  • Call US

Call Us

Help - Call US web page

After clicking on the Call Us line the following page will be displayed. Scroll through the page and select the line option that best meets your needs.

Getting Help - Details

Microsoft Project - Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

For keyboard shortcuts in which you press two or more keys simultaneously, the keys to press are separated by a plus sign (+) in Microsoft® Project 2010. i.e. to Copy press Ctrl + C. Hover the cursor over the command the keyboard shortcut keys if available will be displayed.

Microsoft Project - Ribbon KeyTips

To activate KeyTips press the ALT key. The KeyTips are displayed over each feature that is available in the current view. Press the letter that appears in the KeyTips over the feature that is needed. Depending on which letter you press, additional KeyTips may appear.This is a great feature to know and understand if you travel or work in a confined space and can’t really use the mouse or device for moving the cursor. Moving around Microsoft® Project 2010 can be very made much easier knowing how to use KeyTips.

Ribbon Keyboard Tips for Tab Keys

For example, if the Task tab is active and you press W, the View tab will be displayed, along with the KeyTips for the groups on that tab.

Ribbon Key Tips for the Commands

Continue pressing letters until you press the letter of the command or control that you want to use. In some cases, you must first press the letter of the group that contains the command.

To cancel the action that you are taking and hide the KeyTips, press the ALT key.