Customizing the Ribbon - the quick way

Customizing - Shortcut menu

Customize Ribbon - Shortcut menu

The fastest way (sometimes refered to as the "power users" way) into Customizing the Ribbon is to right mouse click anywhere on the Task bar. From the Shortcut menu list that now is displayed, choose what action is needed to be taken.

Minimize the Ribbon - Command

Where screen space (sometimes referred to as real-estate) is at premium this could serve you well. As long as you know your way around the  Ribbon and know the relationship between the Tabs and their commands. By clicking on the Tab the Ribbon commands will then appear. Click anywhere on the project area and the Ribbon commands disappear.

Customize Ribbon - Minimized view of Tab bars

Undo the Minimize Ribbon

By right clicking on any one of the Tabs the Shortcut menu appears this time with the Minimize the Ribbon command checked. Click on the
Minimize the Ribbon command to uncheck it.

Customize Ribbon - Shortcut menu with Minimize the Ribbon command checked

Customize the Ribbon - the long way round