Where to Start? - Why a Standard Schedule Template?

Although, you may think the answer is obvious, it’s still a challenge to know where to start. The Project Management Maturity Model (PM3) as define by Harold Kerzner consists of 5 levels and is a great place to start. Understanding where you are within this model is key to being able to move forward.

PM3 Migration Process

Maturity Model - Showing Level Relationships

Level 1 - Common Language

The organization recognizes the importance and the need for a good understanding of the basic knowledge, language and terminology on project management.

Level 2 - Common Process

Common processes need to be defined and developed so that project success can be repeated.

Level 3 - Single Methodology

The organization recognizes the synergistic benefit of combining all methodologies into a single methodology, the center of which is project management that makes process control easier.

Level 4 - Benchmarking

Process improvement is necessary to maintain a competitive advantage.

Level 5 - Continuous Improvement

Evaluate the information obtained through benchmarking, and decide if this information will enhance the methodology.

Risk of Change

Risk is associated with the level of change to the Corporate Culture

  • Low Risk – no impact on the corporate culture, readily accepts change.
  • Medium Risk - recognize the need for change but don’t understand the impact.
  • High Risk - Organization recognizes that the implementation of project management will cause a change in corporate culture.

Characteristics of Level 3

  • Integrated processes
  • Culture support
  • Management support
  • Informal project management
  • Training and education
  • Behavioral excellence

Roadblocks to Reaching Level 3

  • Don’tfix it if it’s not broken
  • Fear of a shift in the balance of power
  • Shared accountability is seen as a high risk
  • Strongfragmented cultured resists single cooperative culture
  • Overemphasis on documentation is a hard habit to break

Degree of Acceptance

The degree of acceptance when the Top down approach is adopted will be seen to be greater. Change will have its detractors but with the right level of sponsorship
moving to the Level 3 will have significant rewards for the organization.

Change Factors by Organization Level

In Conclusion......

Organizations that are familiar with the project maturity model and are at Level 2 and understand the advantages of moving towards Level 3; should consider and authorize the development of a Standard Schedule Template deliverable that would accelerate and support the move to a project “single methodology”.